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The Film



Poster Design by DCapitao

Official Release - March 2017

In February 2016, Sylvain and Mathieu - two modern-day french explorers, musicians and filmmakers - decided to follow the famous Silk Route, which makes its way from India all the way back to their french homeland, riding old classic motorcycles mounted with their recording gears.

More than just a simple adventure, they are highlighting the social and cultural mission of meeting children from disadvantaged backgrounds along their way. Both musicians from an early age, it’s equipped with microphones and cameras that the pair of globetrotters are traveling in order to record the traditional way music is conveyed and learned in these countries.

The two friends will go through a wide variety of landscapes, of colors and odors that will guide them along their way of 13,000 kilometers and 5 months, filmed on board cameras without any extra cameramen.

Of the temperamental kind, their 70’s Royal Enfield legendary bikes will be likely to cause them a number of surprises and unexpected events in the middle of nowhere, under extreme conditions.
Not all on this trip goes according to their rough plan and the travel route will change during the trip. Every incident has it’s own place in the story and “close up to the population” is their motto on this journey.

No longer will it be the silk being transported on their backs through this legendary pathway but simply the music and experiences they will happily carry back to their homeland. 



SALES GOSSES PROD'  in association with INDIA ON BULLET  Presents : A Musical journey on the Silk Route

Available in 5x26' and 52'

A film by Sylvain Liard et Mathieu sauvaitre


Edition: Sylvain Liard

Musical Supervisor: Adrien Pelissié

Distribution: Limonero Films