The Project


Sylvain and Mathieu are two modern-day French explorers, musicians and filmmakers who set out to follow the ancient silk route from India all the way back to France, riding the whole way on old classic motorcycles with recording gear in tow.

They already rode all around India. There was no remedy for the "travel virus" which infected them and the road trip fever kept its ascent. Both full of ambition and addicted to adrenaline, these two guys also shared together their childhood and the love for music which is one of the main guidelines of this journey.

A Musical Journey on the Silk Route is the first project of the Association India On Bullet, founded by the two riders.

All along their journey, Sylvain and Mathieu are highlighting musical and social projects happening across 17 countries. Institute after institute, microphones and cameras in their hands, they record and film disadvantaged children singing traditional songs from their native countries.

All proceeds raised by the sales of the album will be donated to the institutes where the recordings took place.

Helping children is the every day goal of these organisations.

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The itinerary


1.India, Dharward | 2.Nepal, Katari | 3.Kyrgyzstan, Orlovka | 4.Kazakhstan, Aktau | 5.Armenia | 6.Turkey, Van | 7.Slovakia, Kezmarok | 8.Slovenia, Ljubljana | 9.France, Nantes


The Partners

AJS Climatic, Alliance Française de Bishkek, Allianz, ATECS, Biker Soul, Communauté de Communes de Pays des Herbiers, Faure Opticiens, Fun Bowling, Holeshot, Institut Français de Slovénie, Intersport, La Bocaine, La Jardinerie, Lohmann France, Nocibé, Nova Prévention, Optique Pierre Leman, Playing for Change, Royal Enfield, Royal Motorcycles, Seralu, Super U, Vendée Vision, Vintage Rides.


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