The Institutes & Schools on the Silk Route                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Meet the Musicians!


1.     Dharward, India _ Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya - Young Musician Of The World (CA)

Founded in November 2002, KSV is located in a quiet valley near the city of Dharwad in Karnataka, South India. Established on three acres of land a short distance from Kalkeri Village, the school consists of simple buildings made from traditional materials. In this peaceful setting, the children enjoy the tranquillity necessary for their academic studies, music practice and performing arts activities.

KSV provides education in academic subjects, Hindustani Classical Music, Bharatanatayam Dance and Drama. In addition, food, accommodation and healthcare are all provided free of cost.  There are no fees at all !

KSV is both traditional and modern in its approach. Tradition is taught through the ancient disciplines of the Indian classical arts. The modern educational program is based on the Karnataka State syllabus. Computer studies are also an important element to prepare the students to meet the demands of today’s rapidly evolving world.


2.     Katari, Nepal _ Katari Music Program – Playing For Change Fondation (US)

In the summer of 2007, PFCF peace soldier William Aura traveled to the remote village of Tintale in Nepal's eastern valley Udayapur district. At that time the place had no electricity, no telephones, and no modern sanitation. The people of Tintale had lived and worked in almost complete isolation from the outside world for centuries.

PFCF was honored to be able to make a contribution to the community by initiating a music program with two teaching locations - one directly in Tintale village and one in nearby Katari Bazar, Udayapur, Nepal.

Local Tintale village schoolteachers teach harmonium, madal and dance classes to about 15 students, with a particular focus on girl enrollment. And in nearby Katari, music notation instructor, Dhruba Kumar Ghimire, patiently instructs the children on how to play the harmonium. He is also supported by other teachers who provide drum and guitar lessons.


Their efforts provide classroom space and brand-new music instruments for the students as well as humanitarian aid in Tintale village. Local PFCF supporters Ishor Bajracharya, Shyam Basnet and Sujan Karki administer this vital music program.


3. Orlovka, Kyrgyzstan _ Nurmeaisa Orphanage


In the city of Orlovka, region of Kemin, a shelter house for orphans and children left without parental care was established in 2004 .

The aim of the institute was to create condition close to home, contributing to the moral, physical and emotional development of the children. The big amount of children in need in the region was the first purpose to open the shelter house.

Today, 39 children from 3 to 20 years old get the opportunity to study, to reunite with the biological family, to realise themselves in life, and get the right education to live as well as possible as citizen in the society.


4. Aktau, Kazakhstan _ Children’s Village of Aktau


The municipal Children's Village of Aktau opened its doors in 2005, on the west part of the country, on the edge of the Caspian Sea.


There are today more than 50 children, that were left without parental care, living in the orphanage.


5. Armenia_ Hrant Dink Armenian School of Istanbul


The school was founded with only 7 students in 2003 by the current school director - Heriknaz Avagyan. The main purpose of the school was to give primary education to refugee children from Armenia and the goal still remains actual.

Today, they are 155 students in the school which has kindergarden and 9 grades excluding only 3 years of High School. An efficient education is given by professional teachers according to the educational plan and system of the Republic of Armenia. They are 3 teachers, including a psychologist in the kindergarden, and 18 teachers in the 9 grades.

The school is free for 40% of the students that are from insolvent families.


6. Van, Turkey _ University Of Van


The students and teachers of the University of Van founded a crew on behalf of their health school to collect goods and materials for the students and children from the suburb area of Van.


The team organizes workshops and cultural event as concert, sketch and poetry given by the students. Each event has for ticket fee, toys, clothes, stationery materials, etc…


7. Kezmarok, Slovakia _ Kesaj Tchave

"Kesaj" is the name of a Gyspyfairy who says that to get love, you need to know how to give love, and "Tchave" means in Romanian: Children. All is said, the rest goes through gypsy singing and dance of this youth who express a solid faith in life.

The band founded in 2000, is directed by a Roms organisation which works on artistic activities fo the young people from the Gyspsy colonies of the Tatras Region, in the eastern Slovakia. The daily reality of these Roms is more and more precarious.

Kesaj Tchave is a miracle. A gypsy wonder which prove that the achievement is possible, even where everything is done to fatally fail. But, each single show is a battle won in the fight for life. To fight against the world, against others, against the ones who do not conceive that the Gypsy life can be exempted of fatality.


8. Ljubljana, Slovenia _ Botrstvo v Sloveniji


The humanitarian project Sponsorship in Slovenia started in 2010 under The Association of Friends of Youth Ljubljana Moste-Polje. It concentrates on helping children and youth from socially disadvantaged families from all over Slovenia. The goal of the project is to connect children in need and people willing to help, with the intention of enabling better possibilities for healthy development and create equal opportunities for all children.

Project is directed in providing financial help to children in need for adequate nutrition, school or extracurricular activities, transport to school, medical equipment, healthy development and other expenses. With monthly support in sum of at least 30 euros by their "godfathers" and "godmothers" children are more able to integrate in life of peers and have better chances and encouragement to access their life goals.


By the end of 2015 more than 5200 "godparents" and helped more than 5500 children in need from all over Slovenia.


9. Nantes, France _ St Nazaire Conservatory of Traditional Music

The teaching of the traditional music at the Conservatory of St Nazaire includes the course of bombard, Scottish bagpipe, accordion and Scottish snare.

From childhood to adult, from initiation to acquisition of deep technical and musical culture, the students learn and improve how to play different instruments and different ways to play.

The St Nazaire Conservatory of Traditional Music is the "godfather" of the album A Musical Journey on the Silk Route. They decided to record on the album free of donation on behalf of the children recorded in the other institutes, and finalize this musical opus with a traditional song of Brittany.